Testing Automation

At Elista Solutions, our goal is to help you make your test executions, such as your functional, integration, regression testing, easier and faster by helping you convert your manual test cases to an automated framework that works for you.
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Elista Solutions helps our customers to transform their lengthy manual test case/scenario execution processes into streamlined, automated scripts by:

  • Strategically identifying the optimal scenarios for automation to support the regression, functions and end to end business processes testing projects
  • Providing advice to optimize time, effort and money to avoid automating scenarios that will not be executed often during successive test cycles
  • Using our internally-developed, scorecard-based, automation approach to identify the right scenarios for automation
    • Approach assigns scores to scenarios against pre-determined evaluation criteria
    • Criteria themselves carry differing weights and scenarios that score higher than the threshold value are selected for automation

Test Automation Process


Test Automation Templates

  • Automation Test Plan
  • Automation Test Report
  • Email Notifications
  • Automation Presentation

Automated Test

  • Defined Scripts
  • Defined validation points
  • Define dynamic data
  • Automation peer review

Project Tracking

  • Regression Test Schedules
  • Functional Test Schedules
  • Results stored in Tracking tools

Manual Test

  • Scope defined
  • Scenarios to be automated defined
  • Coordinated by Test/Tech Leads


  • Test Leads main coordinator
  • Test Status Reports via Tracking Reports
  • Presentation/Rollup Report

Industry Best Practices

  • Determine Automation Requirements
  • Assign scores to scenarios based on test cases usage
  • Monitoring/Metrics/Reviews

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